Getting You Working Well For Life

Getting you working well for life Getting you working well for life

Health and wellbeing at work

People are your priority. You need them to be talented, healthy, productive and loyal. Organisations that focus on health and wellbeing are attracting the best employees – and retaining them.

Adopting good posture, sitting comfortably and being active at work not only makes everyone feel better, it also helps them to work better and stay healthier for longer. By turning everyone’s workspace into a healthy zone, you’ll all work to your full potential and enjoy your lives outside of it.

As workspace wellbeing experts, we understand that bad working habits when using devices are a major cause of discomfort, poor performance and absenteeism in the workplace. That’s why we’ve designed a host of intuitive products and solutions to make sure you’re active, productive and making the most of your day.

From FIRA accredited monitor and laptop supports, back supports, foot supports and wrist supports with Microban® antibacterial protection – to a new range of Sit-Stand solutions and monitor arms, we’re actively helping more people to be working well.

Work takes up a lot of your time.
So, make sure every minute is a healthy one.

We dedicate more time to work than we’ve ever done. For many of us, this means spending hour after hour sat down – rooted to the spot. In fact, 60% of our total daily sitting time occurs at work*. And that level of inactivity may even lead to problems such as heart disease, cancer, obesity and mental health issues. At the very least, it often results in a lack energy and enthusiasm.

Make sure every minute is a healthy one

As humans, we’re meant to move. We need to move. And there’s a way everyone can move more and boost energy, even when working at a computer or laptop. When choosing a Fellowes Sit-Stand Solution you’ll quickly transform your sedentary desk into an active, healthy workspace.
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Get Ready for a healthier workspace with Fellowes 4 Zone Approach®

As the healthy workspace experts, we’ve developed the unique 4 Zone Approach® to healthier working for desk-based workers. It’s the ideal guide for ensuring good posture when working at a desk – and the perfect introduction to the benefits of Fellowes ‘head-to-toe’ solutions.

The workstation layout should fit around the user rather than the user trying to fit around the workstation. By introducing Fellowes ergonomic solutions, you’ll be proactively reducing the risk of workstation-related pain or injuries, and helping everyone work so much better.

Fellowes 4 Zone Approach® Fellowes 4 Zone Approach®

Don't break the Law

It's a legal requirement for all businesses (EU Directive 90/270/EEC) to undertake regular Workstation Risk Assessments to ensure its employees are working in safety and comfort - whether they're in the office or out of it.

It's the law

Free Workstation Risk Assessment. Discover how well you are working – or not, by taking our online assessment. It's highly detailed, designed in accordance with EU Directive 90/270/EEC, yet only takes around 5 minutes to complete and deliver your personal result.
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Get Ready for a healthier workforce

Adopting good posture, sitting comfortably and being active at work not only makes employees feel better, but it helps them work better and stay healthier for longer. Fellowes, the workspace wellbeing experts, help you and your staff to be healthy, active, productive – and the very best you can be. Every day.

Sound investment

Sound investment

Why not try our online return-on-investment tool to calculate cost saving. Find out how quickly a Fellowes Sit-Stand Workstation can pay for itself.

Make a day of it

Make a day of it

A great way to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace is to arrange a Wellbeing Day at your premises. We can help you make the event a great success.

Fly the flag

Fly the flag

72% of UK office workers believe it would be useful to have workplace wellbeing ambassadors and champions within their company to help promote healthier working.



1. Loudhouse Research, Fellowes 2016


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