Penguin Ergonomic Mouse

The Fellowes Penguin® Ergonomic Mouse

Why Use An Ergonomic Mouse?

The Problem:

The design of a standard mouse has been found to be one of the main risk factors in hand and wrist pain. Repetitively placing one hand into an unnatural position for hours every day will almost certainly lead to problems, imminent or in the future.
Common Health Conditions Associated with Standard Mice
Many studies have been carried out about the links between computer usage and Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders. These studies have investigated various designs of mouse and looked at productivity, comfort, upper limb posture and position.
(Aaras et al 2001, Gustafsson and Hagberg 2003, Chang et al 2007, Houwink et al 2009 and Odell and Johnson 2007).
Common health conditions include:
- Work Related Upper Limb Disorders
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

The Solution:

Mice that encourage the wrist to remain in a neutral position have been found to reduce self-reported hand and wrist pain and decrease muscle activity in the extensors of the forearm.
At Fellowes®, we know what contributes to wrist and hand pain. The Penguin® Mouse was developed to overcome the many problems that are associated with regular use of traditional shaped mice. Mouse design influences the forearm position - a standard mouse requires the hand to be held in a pronated position.
The Penguin® mouse puts your hand in a natural and restful position like a handshake.

Choosing the Correct Size Penguin®

The Fellowes Penguin® is available in small, medium and large. This ensures that the hand and grip is in the most natural, ergonomic position.
To choose the correct size, simply measure your hand from the first crease from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.

Small - 0-16cm (0-6 inch) across
Medium - 16-18cm (6-7 inch) across
Large - 18+cm (7+ inch) across
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The Clear Winner in Ergonomic Trials

The Penguin® was put to the test during trials carried out by VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics Inc., and the University of Brighton in the UK.
90% said the Penguin® was the most comfortable mouse to use
82% said the Penguin® had superior design and usability
77% of users chose to keep the Penguin® at the end of the study
Check out the key findings here.

Penguin® Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse

Find a mouse that’s perfect for you and make computer navigation effortless. Encourage your wrist into a natural position with an ergonomic mouse.

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